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In this 21st century, youtube is the most rated social network all around the world. Youtube on one side can guide as in the easiest way. Many of the experts on the youtube publish their own channel and uploads the videos on it of which youtube pays them. Everyone can make a channel on the youtube is the easiest way of earning money online. It provides many facilities to the people in the easy way. If a person is thinking about creating a channel on the youtube so the person who is interested in creating a channel should have many strong bond of friendship on the youtube which helps the person in increasing his subscribers. The more sucribers you have the more you can earn from the youtube. So let’s start

Following are the steps by which you can make a channel

1: open the website of the youtube.

2: The 2nd step is to open the option of the channel.

3: when you will open that add your account in that of Google.

4: After adding that account your channel will be added in that.

5: Now upload your that videos made by you

6: connect an account of adsense with that.

7: Now start earnings in dollars


But you have to make sure that the videos you are going to upload should not be taken from any other website or page or channel the video which you are going to add in the channel should be created by you so you will earn of that video if the video is not yours than you will not be paid for that video.

Youtube is so can pay you in great amount increase in your followers and earn more and more. You will be paid if a person watches your full video. If you are thinking it is wrong than change your thinking and try it once.

Here Question arises that how youtube pays??

It is really simple they add some commercials or ads in your video and will pay for them

So don’t worry and earn how much you want legally without any kind of investment. So if a person is interested in making a youtube channel he should make his own account and publish his own videos. Youtube allows us to earn dollars with it in some time by working hard. The more you work on it the more you start earning without any investment. The students who are interested in making money instead of doing part time jobs have the best opportunity which youtube is providing them. Students who are not eligible to pay their fees to higher institutions should work with youtube by making a channel and connecting that wit ad sense the adsense will add some adds in your channel or videos and will pay to you for the ads So there is no time to think about it. Just follow the instructions given on the top of the article and start earning dollars in weeks.

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