What Are the Benefits of Bee Venom?

Bee Venom

Benefits of Bee Venom

Sting of bee is not pleasant experience for anyone. If given choice everyone will avoid it. In the apitherapy which used in the illness is a treatment done with the help of bee venom sting. This has become a general treatment in nowadays. Therapists suggest that the venom of bee sting holds therapeutic value in treating serious illness. This is also a good and viable alternative to dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs have many side effects while this therapy is free of side effects. A lot of people fear bees because of their painful stung but the sting of bees can actually promote your health. After stinging of bee your skin activates a number of antiviral and antibiotic hormones. It is estimated that 18 to 20 antibiotics and antiviral hormones are found in the sting of bee. Some anti-inflammatory and pain reducing substances are also present in it.

A lot of research is required on how much effective apitherapy is

No doubt, everyone cannot get stung by bee directly. Some people have harsh allergic reactions from it. But the fear of antibiotic resistance is rising day by day. And so this is better than antibiotics in many aspects. Bees provide plentiful benefits to the humans. These benefits include 30% pollination of different types of crops all over the world and 90% pollination of whole world’s flowers. Therefore, protection and restoring their ecosystems has become essence of recent era. Their survival will become more significant if it turns out that bees can treat a wide range of health problems.


Bee Venom

Overview of Bee Venom

According to AAA (American Apitherapy Association) bee therapy or apitherapy is a medicinal use of different products made by honeybees. These products are well known such as honey, venom, and pollen. Many types of illnesses which don’t response to traditional Western medicines are treated with bee venom. In many cases the venom is injected into the body of patient through syringe and in some cases through bee sting directly. Seattle city of Sweden medical center says some scientific studies have been completed on bee venom therapy and a number of studies are under research about it. Bee venom has following medical affects:

Anti-inflammatory substances

This is also stated by Swedish Medical center that many ingredients in bee venom posses anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce inflammations in the body such ingredients are mellitin, adolapin, and apamin. This also stimulates the body’s own immune reactions against inflammations.

Bee Venom benefits


The American Journal of Chinese Medicine published a study in 2004 about the arthritis. They stated that when we injected the rats with bee venom then they become more resistant to arthritis rather than rats in the control group. This research suggested that bee venom might inhabit the development of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in humans.

Oxford University Press in 2005 published an investigation about the effects of bee venom in the treatment of arthritis. The researchers said venom of the bee might be a promising treatment for both RA and OA. It also has positive effect on painful and swollen joints.

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